Vacation Hot Spots: Kick Your Feet Up at Some of the Stars Favorite Places

Vacation Destination: Dominican Republic

Vacation Destination: Dominican Republic

Several Hip Hop Celebrities find the Dominican Republic to be beautiful and serene, in fact Jay-Z celebrated his 40th birthday there with his beautiful wife Beyonce and other friends such as Opera, Kanye West, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo and more.  The theme of his party was based off of the movie Scarface.   

Drake seems to have a love for the Dominican Republic as well, he shot a portion of his most recent video Started from the Bottom in the Dominican Republic and he’s been just to relax and enjoy the beautiful carribean scenery.  

The hit single by Future Tony Montana was also filmed in the Dominican Republic, the beginning of the video shows the beautiful waters and a very nice establishment overlooking the city.  The majority of the video wasn’t shot in the luxurious area because of the theme, but the DR is definitely a beautiful place to see.

From the clear blue waters of Punta Cana, to the deep serene valleys of Puerto Plata; the Dominican Republic is pure paradise. 

Dominican Republic Guide:

Punta Cana – The most luxurious place in the Dominican Republic, they offer all inclusive resorts, a shopping mall, a water park, night clubs and resturants. 

North Coast – For the more adventurous travler, theres tons of hiking, water sports and snorkeling.  There are a few all inclusive resorts, but there are more vacation rentals and smaller hotels.

South Coast – Historical part of the island, the national park is located on the South Coast where historical Columbian pictographs can be seen.  There’s also tons of surfing, fishing and relaxing on the beaches for down time. 
The Interior – This too is more of an adventerous area, the inner area of DR is filled with mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls, rain forests, caves and rivers.  This is more of an urban area.
Santo Domingo – The nations capitol, the largest most dynamic city in the Dominican Republic.  There’s a large selection of resturants, museums, operas and other entertainment; however this is less of a resort style attraction and more of a city feel.

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